Pre-employment screening technology in Health & Social Care

Adapted from The Health and Social Care Act 2008, schedule 3, Huw England of C4H Solutions speaks about managing pre-employment checks for NHS Commissioning Support Units. Recent negative publicity in healthcare settings has not only stirred concerns for the Care Quality Commission but has alarmed wider society. Huw discusses employee background checking and its essential role in ensuring a legitimate workforce and the benefits of being able to offer this service to his NHS clients.

C4H Solutions

C4H Solutions was founded with the aim to provide high quality and affordable solutions to the NHS and other healthcare providers. Recent and significant growth has enabled C4H to build an expansive service portfolio for a wide range of clients across the NHS.

With specific focus on pre-employment vetting and its importance in the healthcare environment, Huw England outlines the benefits of screening technology.

Working in healthcare environments carries significant social responsibility. Beyond business aims to develop his organisation, Huw must commit to the strict regulations set within his industry. In June, 2014, Huw talks of how he manages these compliances whilst maintaining healthy business growth.

Our Story

C4H were offering NHS clients basic level pre-employment checks which meant we checked at least two previous employers references and checked the candidate’s proof of identity. This was labour intensive and often time consuming. We also found that managers were sometimes taken away from other projects in order to manage this process and the impact of this could be felt in the support we were able to offer other clients. Working with NHS  organisations means working with tight timelines and strict regulations, we needed a solution to ensure our clients were supported more effectively. After looking at a range of solutions, it became apparent that Safe Screening technology would best suit our clients’ needs, reduce risk (noncompliance) and assist business growth.

Our Gain

When meeting with Robert Drake, Director at Safe Computing, we were instantly impressed with the product’s white labelling ability.

We could provide an automated screening service for our clients, and this would be fully branded and in line with the C4H corporate identity- this really set Safe Screening aside from other solutions. Our appreciation of this product really took flight during our demo phase; we began to get a real feel for how each feature would be instrumental in taking our service from basic to comprehensive.

Their Gain

Our suite of support now offers our clients a full range of compliance services and can effectively support the busy HR offices of the NHS. We can be responsive to our clients’ needs, because it’s an online system the candidates also feel able to complete the process easily and effectively. Furthermore, as each automated entry is time and date stamped our clients can be assured of a demonstrable audit trail. In addition, the checks and databases Safe Screening has access to, make each candidate check complete and defendable to CQC inspection.

Our Vision

Without Safe Screening Technology we would just be another resource provider. With the technology we can provide so much more and aim to become a trusted HR partner of more and more clients in the months and years to come. With the ongoing support and specialist knowledge of the Safe Screening team, we look forward for this vision becoming reality.

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