If you’re running a fleet, our Safe Milling Distribution Management System (DMS) module can give you full cost and efficiency data capture and reporting across all your vehicles.

Safe DMS will let you record all of your vehicle information, including journeys made, mileage covered, driver and driver mate information, fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Your can manage driver and driver mate costs, split into tiered pay rates, and keep a record of any agency drivers utilised, as well as record employees’ holidays, so your people can report on resource availability and efficiency.

As well as this you’ll be able to:

Capture problems relating to individual journeys such as late delivery, missed delivery and vehicle breakdowns.

Record running costs for all on site facilities for drivers and vehicles, onsite vehicle maintenance and repairs costs including labour and materials, external maintenance contracts and tyre contracts.

Integrate with your nominal ledger by importing all purchase costs, removing the need for dual data entry.

Report on KPIs and cost and efficiency of vehicles and drivers, and export all data to an external BI tool for further analysis.

Key features

  • Full vehicle history
    • Journeys completed
    • Drivers used
    • Fuel consumption
    • Mileage covered
    • Maintenance costs
    • Problem recording
  • Own driver, driver mate and agency driver costs
  • Facilities maintenance costs for driver and vehicle onsite facilities
  • Onsite repair costs or external maintenance contracts and tyre contracts
  • Full reporting on KPIs, costs and efficiencies of both drivers and vehicles
  • Integrate with nominal ledger
  • Export data to an external BI system for further analysis

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