You can control bulk and bagged goods throughout our system, with all sales ordering processes catered for, whether via EDI, telesales or manual entry.

We’ll collaborate closely with you, and build solutions to meet your individual business needs. We have previously developed a full online ordering e-commerce system for one of our customers, providing full pricing models and delivery rules support.

We support fully flexible customer pricing structures, comprehensive price approval functionality, sales contract management and reporting and volume tracking management and reporting. Some of the key elements include:

The conversion from bulk to bag via packing job or vice versa via “rip and tip” is fully catered for by the system.

It is possible to invert pallets in order to comply with customer product configuration requirements, for example, wooden or plastic pallets.

Our wheat purchase contract management handles a complex range of pricing calculations for both UK and imported wheat including:

  • Price and delivery schedules
  • Contract price breakdown to individual price elements
  • Multiple currency handling
  • Online capability for suppliers
  • Delivery planning and vehicle bookings
  • Vessel and vehicle receipts
  • Self-billing
  • Haulage costs

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