Integrating seamlessly with weighbridge and production control systems, to help you to manage your quality control.

Don’t leave your raw materials waiting for approval again. With our Laboratory Information Management Solution (LIMS) solution, you can ensure that ingredients are held at the weighbridge awaiting positive release from QC upon arrival on-site at the mill.

The tests supported and recorded in the LIMS system, via our integration to the equipment in the lab, include ingredient analysis, such as moisture levels, element variety, specific gravity and screening percentages.

Our solution also supports the calculation of any claim due to be charged for non-conformance to contract, and will pass this information seamlessly back to the weighbridge and accounts modules for further processing if the delivery falls outside pre-defined tolerances against specification.

Your production batches will also be held awaiting QC if required, andsamples tested before the system allows release to distribution.

Your outbound certificates of analysis or conformance will be produced from the system to go with the goods, whether bulk or bags, or to be distributed electronically to the customer from the system.


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