A task-driven, powerful, scalable and flexible Warehouse Management System (WMS).

If you want to further improve your warehouse efficiency take a closer look at our Warehouse Management System.

We’ll give you all the features to help boost your operator productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfilment times and increase customer satisfaction by increasing picking rates and reducing errors. Some of the many benefits include:

The latest technologies (full screen forklift-mounted terminals, small screen hand-held terminals and voice recognition headsets) can help to increase picking rates and reduce picking errors.

Automatic allocation of tasks can increase operator productivity and reduce labour costs, taking into account the handling and management of multiple units of measure such as bags, packs, mini-bulk and pallets.

Bar code scanning your stock and warehouse areas will reduce stock related errors within the warehouses and providing real-time views of the amount and location of the stocks.

The automatic allocation of stock to warehouse locations will make best use of the warehouse space that you have available and will also optimise operator travel time.

The detailed level of stock control provides full traceability, from goods inward, right through to despatch, and best before dates, batch numbers and individual item serial numbers are all supported.

Automatic alerts to supervisors

  • Stock shortages, out of date stocks, operator problems
  • Messages delivered as emails, SMS (mobile text messages) or onscreen text

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