Your Safe Milling solutions will seamlessly integrate with weighbridge and production control systems from industry leaders such as Buhler, Avery and Precia-Molen.

This ensures there is no need for you to re-key data, as you will have full control relating to stock arriving on-site or finished goods leaving site whether using own fleet or supplier/customer transport.

You can ensure accuracy, with exact figures recorded within the system as provided by the production control system related to usage, wastage, re-work and other key information.

The system allows for control over Proof of Delivery, Collections, Returns, Split loads. Pallets are managed closely both on-site and at customer site so that it is possible to bill customers for pallets not returned by pre-agreed time or credit for oversupply.

Residuals within a tanker are also fully catered for providing the option to blow back to the same item, blow back to a different item or leave in the tanker and load on top or leave in the tanker, convert to a new product and load on top or write it off.

Integration is also provided to route planning software such as DPS Logix, so you can rest assured that every aspect of your production is being efficiently managed.


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